Monster Mistery: Chapter 0: Escape.

(Whenever the narrator mentions You, it refers to the protagonist.)

You wake up in a room with other people around. At this point you have a special feeling, that when you die, or fail you will start over at this point, and your general experience will be shared with you for your future attempts.

As you look around you see other people waking up too. You count 15 else beside yourselves. Mix of both man and woman. Most of them have very similar outlooks at first glance. But there are two peculiar creatures out of norm.

One of them is a woman, who is half the size as others. You even might call her a little girl, instead a woman…

The other one is a scaly man. His whole body is covered with green scales, even his tail behind his back, or his bald head. After he looks around, the only thing you can see in his eyes is fear.

You are all inside a room half of the size of a soccer field. There is a door in a corner. Above the door you can read the following sentence: You have 48 hours to escape.

What do you do?

(Send your actions in PM, please don’t share your PMs with other people in privat, regarding this game.)

Death #1: Suffocating under sand
Death #2: Electrocuted in the fog/mist
Death #3: Attacked by an alligator
Attempt #4: Petrified
Attempt #5: Krystal (Leafia) escaped
Attempt #6: Petrified because of informations…
Attempt #7: Silviu escaped
Death #8: Caught in an explosion
Death #9: Fell in the ravine’s depth
Death #10: Died
Attempt #11: Krystal (Leafia) escaped again
Death #12: Failed the third trial

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Alright folks let’s escape next week!

This reminds me of “Your Turn To Die”.

Introduction Commentary

We encounter fifteen entities, of which two are physically unique. One female of half the size of the average among the group. One male of what is assumed to be a lizard mutant entity. It is assumed that the initial state of mind of the lizard mutant is unstable.

All character traits of aforementioned entities are unknown. Please beware of potential aggressive behavior from said entities.

Recommended actions:
• Observe self: physical state, appearance, and possessions
• Observe self: mental state
• Observe present room
• Observe entities: appearance and possessions
• Converse with entities
• Open door

We have been informed that same actions may not return us the same path. One of the possible reasonings may include entities unaffected by changes in the timeline. Hence, it is very much recommended to avoid any enmity with any entities, whether they are from the starting room, or from any future paths.

Dear Player, please be aware of your own mental health and your sanity while playing this “game”. As this is a non-deterministic game, your actions will have consequences. Whether it be from “the characters” or “the omnipotent (the writer)”.

We hope you will enjoy this game.
“Let us meet on the other side.”


You wake up in a room with other people around. At this point you have a special feeling, that when you die, or fail you will start over at this point, and your general experience will be shared with you for your future attempts.

It is currently unknown whether this sentence only applies to Players, or whether it would apply to all entities in the starting room. If the latter is true, then it may explain why the timeline is non-deterministic of nature.

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Btw, we can start, if anyone want to…


Very well! Shall I make the PM?

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Shouldn’t weeeeeeeeeeeeeee wait for others?

No one gains advantage, based on a few attempts.

  1. the early ones will have more experience inside the story.

  2. The later one might get crucial information, in other players attempts.

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Technically speaking, all “playthroughs” run asynchronous. If anything, us starting early would only present late-coming players with advantage in the form of information of our deaths and failures.

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Ohhh I like this

Everyone has an equal chance regardless of their time

I would appreciate that.

So we can start now? Do we just PM you to start us off and thrn do the whole thing in that PM with you?

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See? You caught up fast


Attempt #1 (Silviu)

You tried to befriend the lizardman at the start, but it didn’t work. While you tried to gain information from others the lizardman left the room hurrying. You followed him towards a lake somewhere in the East direction, and the two of you figured out that something in the lake causes things to turn younger. At this point the lizardman watches over you as you climb a tree and see something flying in the sky. Back at the starting room you are informed that there was a guy named George who told everyone that there is a desert to the North, a swamp to the West and mist to the South. Strangely, George didn’t want to meet up with you. You tried to investigate the foggy area to the South, but seeing the lizardman still following you, you decided to chase him off running toward North, then West. You bumped into a woman with red liquid dripping from her mouth. Conversing with her, she confirmed she is one of the sixteen people from the starting room. You went South and heard the lizardman, and two other people talking about their experience. You heard, there were three people who went into the fog, but only two of them got out. You went North to the desert. You went into the sandy area and couldn’t hear anything for a while because of the howling wind. Once you were caught in a quicksand, you cleverly tried to swim out of it, but that moment the wind stopped and a massive hill of sand approached you, which engulfed you under, and you suffocated to death. In your last moment you saw some giant sharp teeth in the sand.

Your wristwatch beeped once at 00:05
And twice while you were suffocating.

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Interesting indeed. I completely thought I would die first in these kind of games. …well, I probably will be the second person to die though.

(Unless any of you wants to race against me for whatever reason, which really doesn’t make sense if you ask me because you’d have to go do everything all over again, but… well… it’s your choice if you want to do this to spite me.)

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Nah. The second death can go to you.

Out of curiousity, what name and gender did everyone pick?

I picked a female named Krystal myself.

I did not pick anything.

Ah. Guessing you’re just making choices then and not rping them out like I am. Or doing ot in first person. One of the two.

I forgot this started