The Grand Idea Game in which Nothing Can Go Wrong in Any Way Whatsoever - GAME OVER

Welcome to the Grand Idea Game in which Nothing Can Go Wrong in Any Way Whatsoever, and which is Entirely Skill Based!

Hosted by @ElizaThePsycho and @Dum


  • Global Site Rules
  • Do not post in languages other than English, edit/delete posts, like posts while dead/during night, utilize shared/hydra accounts, utilize multiple accounts, use polling/wiki features, attempt to mimic host messages, post fake quotes of other players, or spam/slank excessively.
  • Do not cheat. Announcing intention to cheat, yet not acting upon it, will still confer punishment.
    • Do not gamethrow or sabotage games. You are permitted to play terribly, but doing so with the intention to troll will confer punishment.
    • Do not discuss host decisions or replacements in the game thread, especially to gain an in-game advantage.
    • Do not employ out of game information in order to get an in-game advantage. This rule will be enforced loosely with the exception of alignment indicative information, which should instead be made known to the host and will be handled appropriately.
      Try not to enable other players to do this either. You can help by not talking about the game outside the game thread.
    • Do not attempt to weaponize the host.
    • Do not announce intent to replace out, or make posts that could easily be interpreted in that manner.
    • Do not strategically replace out.
    • Do not attempt to abuse loopholes in the rules in order to accomplish any of the above. If you are not sure if something is legal or not, communicate such to the host in your PM.


  • Days are 24 hours lnog, nights are also 24 hours long.
  • The post minimum is 10 posts / day. If you do not meet this, you are at risk of being subbed out, and will be notified as such.
  • All classes will be taken from the Moderated Grand Idea Thread, up to class 272.
  • The win condition for the Town, the Uninformed Majority, is “Defeat all members of the Informed Minority and any neutrals that directly oppose your win condition.” The win condition for the Mafia, the Informed Minorty, is “Gain parity with the Uninformed Majority and defeat any neutrals that directly oppose your win condition.” The win condition for any neutrals will be listed in its cards. For simplicity, any role with the Town win condition will be considered Town. This does not necessarily apply to Mafia.
  • There is a Day 1 execution.
  • If it is mechanically impossible for the outcome of the game to change, the game will end.
  • Abilities may trump any of the rules listed above.
  • All classes were randed before review. Heavy WoTM was used, to ensure a fun experience (but not necessarily a balanced one).
  • Slight modifications may be made to roles to ensure balance. Most of the time, the player(s) with modified roles are notified.
  • Any roles with a timer measured in hours may have that timer adjusted for 24/24 phases.
Lord/King rules sheet

Lord Rules Sheet: To be used with GI games.

There may be multiple starting Lords. Lord elections will not occur until all Lords are dead, or an ability that is not something like Pass The Torch states that a Lord election happens. What classifies as a “Lord” is anything with a :crown: in the name, plus anything that is obviously a Lord but does not include the :crown:.

If there is no starting Lord, then an election will occur on Day 2 to determine a new Lord. Lord elections work like this: Every player privately submits a name as a vote to who they want to become Lord. The player with the most votes will become the Lord at a predetermined deadline.

Normal rules regarding Lord targetting do not apply, as I’m sure that nobody is actually going to remember to include the :crown: icon next to an ability to indicate that it can target a Lord. If it does, good on you! It can always target a Lord. Instead, investigative abilities generally cannot target the Lord, as subject to host approval. Any other abilities may be blocked from targeting the Lord, as the host deems closest to standard rules; just make sure that if they try to target the Lord, you inform them that they can’t.

If a class does not state what it crowns into, the following is assumed:

If it is a Town role, or a role with a win condition identical to the Town win condition, then it crowns into The Good Lord (it’s the almost same class as the Good Lord from Chair of Deception cards.) It does not retain its old abilities.
If it is a Mafia role, or a role with a win condition identical to the Mafia win condition, then it crowns into The Uncrowned Lord (it’s almost the same class, again from Chair of Deception cards) and retains its old abilities.
If it is a Neutral role, or a role without the standard Mafia / Town win conditions, then it crowns into The Decadent Lord (it’s the almost same class, again from Chair of Deception cards) and retains any abilities necessary to its win condition.


  1. Guava
  2. Frostwolf103
  3. Haze
  4. Beancat
  5. Kiiruma :crown:
  6. Leafia
  7. Icet
  8. MerpyDerpy
  9. Kanave
  10. Atlas
  11. Gorta
  12. scoot
  13. Hazardwaste
  14. JakeTheWolfie
  15. May
  16. Silviu
  17. Jaiden
  18. Garfooled
  19. Marnew → Arctic
  20. AweSAMe → Wazza
  21. Zone_Q11



  1. YBW
  2. Ruby
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The game will begin at 2023-03-27T02:00:00Z

It is currently n0


Day 1 begins, to end 2023-03-28T02:00:00Z!

With 21 alive, majority is 11.


So first things first I think it will make life easier for everyone if we just put me in locktown and never reconsider

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Mafia roles based on possibility:

*More Likely*

(IF the class isn’t random, or is selected randomly from a small pool)

(Given the setup, unlikely. In a vacuum, possible)


(if the version isnt random)

Evil King


Possible, but a detail

(If there’s a NK)

(IF there’s one or [more likely, more] protectives)

(If no MK and most likely, no NK)

(If mafia has awful KP otherwise)

(If NK and vig, or just nk, probably not just because of a vig, maybe two, but that’d be weird)


(i guess its more then possible, just… weird)

(If disabled when it would hit into xylo)

weird sorta middle ground

(possible, but whats the point of it)

(if no extra MK, i guess? It’s not a very good role, however)

depends on neut non nk is in the game, if clownfest is raised/removed

Unbalanced, possible depending on circumstance

(Its just a nightvig, but the extra power is confusing and theres a better role that does this same thing)

*Extremely Unlikely*

(If heavily replaced, possible, but why not make mafia innocent child into the other VCR)

Note: some roles i deemed wayyyy to powerful to even quote, mostly infinite conversion and the host mafia, although i dont remember them all

VOTE: MerpyDerpy
Also i learned n0 that this was mafia lmao

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@LadyLuck we need votes

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VOTE: MerpyDerpy

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VOTE: Leafia

Two questions

  1. Can you explain to me what a roundabout is?

  2. On a scale of 1-100 of cuteness, rate yourself and video game character Nathan Drake

Nathan Drake

Here. My rolesn’t that good. If anyone is curious, it’s role 140. Saying this based off of m eff mory. Will doublecheck after posting this so I doubt I’ll be able to help much mechanically. I’ll take suggestions on people to link with my tunnels though.

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its only been a minute in and i already have to read a light novel. fuck me i’ll see you in 2 hours

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All Hail Lord @Kiiruma! :crown:

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A roundabout is something I have t w.d o of in my city. Or is it one? I think it’s two though.

Cuteness: Me: 101 Nathan Drake: -1.

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I need beautiful women to comfort me I have done very badly on Splatoon today

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can you further explain to me what a roundabout is?
what goes on it, what shape is the middle in