A Certain Scientific Railgun Mafia - Game Over: Rainbow's End [Mafia Victory]

A Certain Scientific Railgun Mafia

Welcome to A Certain Scientific Railgun Mafia, a closed special setup for 16 players.

Reviewer: @Osieorb18
Host: @Prophylaxis
Co-host: @Tsumugi


  1. You may trust all information the moderator gives you. There will be zero bastard modding or false information.

  2. Do not lie about real-life commitments. Similarly, do not question the validity of other players’ real-life commitments. If you will be inactive for a prolonged period of time, inform the game host and I will do my best to replace you.

  3. Mafia is a game about making arguments, but it is not a roleplaying game. Don’t go overboard. Lies are part of the game. Attacking someone’s credibility is part of the game. Do not overdo it. Everyone signed up to have fun, so keep the game fun.

  4. Mafia is a game of analysis - removing a player’s ability to analyze things is against the spirit of the game. Keep references that only a handful of players would understand to a minimum. Encoded messages, hidden text, and other such methods are a no-no. Everything you have to say or not say should be clearly readable in your post by anyone.

  5. Respect your fellow players, and their time. Don’t be a jerk. Do not threaten to or actually get intentionally modkilled. Do not directly insult your fellow players - attack their play, but not them as a person. Mafia is a social game, and you are playing with real people, not just names on a screen. Respect other players’ right to a good game. Give the game your best effort, no matter which team you’re on. Mafia games require a time investment, and if you sign up, you’re committing to spending that time and doing your part to contribute to a good game.

  6. Do not edit your posts except to edit minor spelling/formatting mistakes. Do not edit any messages in private chats you may be posting in. Do not quote information directly from your role PM. Only living players may post in the game thread. Do not post in the game thread during the Night phase.

  7. You may not privately communicate with anyone except the game moderator unless you’re specifically allowed to do so. This includes using systems outside the scope of the game to communicate something game-related. Any game-related questions should be asked via Discord or PM.

  8. Do not use out-of-game information (such as Discord status/usage, other forum activity, other mafia activity, or real-life activity) to generate reads. Do not use out-of-game information to exert pressure or influence on this game. Do not mention out of game information in the context of explaining or speculating on a player’s alignment in this game.

  9. Executions are majority and plurality. My/lylo (mis-execute and lose, execute and lose) will be announced at endgame, and votes will be locked then.

  10. If you EVER have questions about the game, PM me or reach out via Discord (Prophylaxis#0650). I love having more ways to procrastinate, and caring to your every whim is one of my favorites. If you are confused, curious, or unsure about anything ever, let me know before doing anything. I will not respond to questions in the main thread unless I feel that it is necessary.

  11. The Global Rules and Forum Game Rules apply.

  12. Good luck, and have fun! This is not optional.

Game Info:

  1. This game will have 48-hour Day phases unless majority is reached early and 24-hour Night phases.

  2. This game will be of medium-to-high complexity and of medium power level.

  3. No-execute is a valid vote, and may be hammered to end the day early. In cases where no-execute and another vote are tied at the end of the day, no-execute will have priority in the rand. In all other cases of a tie, the execution will be determined at random from among the tied players.

  4. Self-votes are considered valid votes.

  5. Make at least 15 game-related posts each day (unless day ends early). If you fail to meet this requirement, you might get replaced. For 0 posting in full game day I will force replace you without any questions.

  6. Flavor/role claims are allowed at your own risk. Do not quote information directly from your role PM. Flavor isn’t alignment indicative, but might be role indicative for some roles while being misleading or not role indicative for others. A player’s role PM will be revealed on flip.


When referring to your role PM, you may directly state your character’s name, your role title, the names of your abilities, and any parameters they should have. Any dossier information is good as well. For the effects of your abilities, you should paraphrase; when referring to your flavor, you should summarize. If the flavor is “You are a happy red dog,” don’t tell people it’s “I’m a content crimson canine.” Summarize. Say “I’m a dog.”

Please PM me if you have any questions about claiming.

  1. Deadline for submitting actions is one hour before the end of the phase (whether day or night).

  2. Players will receive action feedback as “Your action was successful” or “Your action failed”.

Ability Rules:

  1. Each ability has parameters that follow its name. These indicate whether it is active or passive, when it can be used and whether it is repeatable. Passives are always “on”. X-shot abilities can only be used X times. Whenever a player with an X-shot ability uses that ability and fails, that shot will be returned to them.

  2. Unless otherwise noted, a player can only perform one action classified as “active” during each day/night cycle.

  3. Day actions may be performed at any time as long as the player meets the requirements to use the ability, and as many times as the player is able to pay for.

Win Conditions:
The town win condition is: Eliminate all threats.
The mafia win condition is: You win when your team controls the execution, or when such control is inevitable.


  1. Atlas, Kiyama Harumi, Mafia Emoji Jack-of-all-Trades, triumphant.
  2. Gorta, Yakamaru Itsuki, Mafia Clown, triumphant.
  3. Isolde, Misaka Mikoto, Mafia Informed Jailor, triumphant.

The Quick and the Dead:

  1. TheLukundo, Leader / Iizuma Rita, Town Point Stalker, executed Day 1.
  2. lol, Uiharu Kazari, Town Neighbor, killed Night 1.
  3. eevee, Shirai Kuroko, Town Two-Shot Redirector/Neighbor, executed Day 2.
  4. EliThePsycho, The Doppleganger, Town Arsonist Bodyguard, killed Night 2.
  5. Whysper, Shokuhou Misaki, Mafia Mind Controller, executed Day 3.
  6. WindwardAway, Kinuhata Saiai, Town X-Shot Untargetable, killed Night 3.
  7. Wazza, Konori Mii, Town Two Shot Reporter/Neighbor, executed Day 4.
  8. Hippopablompoyeetus, Haruue Erii, Town Sister-in-Arms, killed Night 4.
  9. ATNoName, Mugino Shizuri, Town Regretful Vigilante, executed Day 5.
  10. Kiiruma, Kuriba Ryouko, Town Inventor, endgamed.
  11. Zone_Q11, Kongou Mitsuko, Town Asceticizer, endgamed.
  12. BradLand, Hokaze Junko, Town Conditional Bulletproof, endgamed.
  13. nightingale, Miyama Shaei, Town One-Shot Bookie Cop, endgamed.


  1. Arete
  2. Mistyx
  3. GGhana
  4. Chloe
  5. Arctic
  6. dota


  1. Kanave (informed)
  2. Marshal (uninformed)
  3. TheBlueElixir (uninformed)
  4. Trochi (informed)
  5. Abby (informed)


Start of Day 1
End of Day 1, TheLukundo executed
Start of Day 2, lol killed
End of Day 2, eevee executed
Start of Day 3, EliThePsycho killed
End of Day 3, Whysper executed
Start of Day 4, WindwardAway killed
End of Day 4, Wazza executed
Start of Day 5, Hippopablompoyeetus killed
Game Over - Rainbow’s End (Mafia Victory)

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Role PMs will be sent out within the next couple of hours.

The game will begin 2022-02-16T19:00:00Z.


All role PMs have been sent out. Please confirm by PM.

Day 1: Assault

October 9

Frenda was running.

There was only one place in Academy City where she knew she’d be safe - her secret spot in the Dianoid of School District 15. As loyal as she was to her ITEM comrades, that was the one hideout she’d had never confided in anyone about.

She knew that today was the day that many of Academy City’s underground organizations were going to war with each other, and she hoped that she would be able to escape alive, at least for today. She knew that by willingly signing up to be a part with ITEM that her life was always going to be in danger, but her skills as a combatant had prevented her from biting the dust so far. The last time she felt that she was in this much danger was when that black haired girl tried to assassinate her, but as soon as she figured out her identity, it was easy to get the upper hand – by detonating stuffed dolls all across the entire mall.

However, this time, she had no crutch to rely on. Kakine Teitoku, the leader of SCHOOL, and the second-strongest esper in the city (also the person ITEM was trying to hunt down) ambushed her after Mugino and Takitsubo left the particle engineering laboratory in search of SCHOOL’s other members. From there, he kicked her in the stomach and threatened to torture her if she didn’t sell out the names of her team members, their location, and the knowledge of Takitsubo’s AIM Stalker ability. She complied, of course, and was somehow miraculously left unharmed after that, with Kakine taking the information she’d given him to hunt down her comrades. She knew that if she didn’t escape the dark side of Academy City ASAP, she’d be hunted down by one of the other GROUP members or Mugino herself. It was only a matter of time.

As Frenda darted into one of the last alleyways she’d needed to cross in order to safely make her way into School District 15, she heard an unsettling voice - the last voice she’d want to hear.



Suddenly, a voice came from behind him.

He spun around and saw Mugino Shizuri standing blood-covered on the other side of the bridge. Some of it was her blood, but some was from someone else. He recognized the thing that she was dragging in her right hand that looked a bit like an old rag.


Technically, it was only her upper half.

Wherever it had gone, her bottom half was gone and something dark red was dripping from the cross-section.

“That’s right. It seems she was afraid of SCHOOL so she betrayed ITEM and then hid. So I had to do a little purging. …What are you doing? You don’t need any purging, do you?”

Mugino let go and Frenda fell to the ground.

She didn’t even look towards Frenda.

In the end, that was all Frenda was – all a comrade was – to Mugino.

Prophylaxis has been killed in the pregame.

Sample Town Role PM

Welcome to A Certain Scientific Railgun Mafia, Prophylaxis! You are Frenda Seivelun.

Academy City Dossier:

Role: Town Paranoid Gun Owner
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Height: 155 cm
Esper Power Level: 0

You are a member of ITEM and part of Academy City’s Dark Side. You’re one of the main combatants of the team despite being a Level 0, which speaks volumes about your martial arts and explosives training. In fact, you believe you can take down most espers in the city using your explosive dolls and remote-controlled bombs. Joining ITEM was a life-changing experience for you as it gave you the opportunity to infiltrate the city, while making solid cash as part of the many missions ITEM was directed to carry out by the upper echelons of Academy City - more cash to buy clothes and your most favorite dish in the whole wide world - canned mackerel.

It seems like an operation is in place to disrupt one of the other organizations of Academy City - SCHOOL. You’re a little afraid of engaging with the second strongest esper in the city (Dark Matter), but with the powerful Mugino/Takitsubo duo on your side, you have no doubt that ITEM will finish the job.

Ha Det Bra (two-shot/night/active)
- Each Night, you may activate this ability. Any player who attempts to kill you tonight will be killed instead.

Win Condition: Eliminate all threats.

Day 1 of A Certain Scientific Railgun Mafia has begun.
With 16 alive, it takes 9 votes to execute.
The deadline is 2022-02-18T19:00:00Z.

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##Vote EliThePsycho
Vote EliThePsycho

/vote EliThePsycho


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Is this a LW soft?

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