FAM3: REDEMPTION [THREAD 5] - [d4 - TOWN WIN] FAM3 if Marluxion was instantaneously killed (real)

From the twisted minds of @Arete, @Geyde, @katze, @Ruby, notblackorwhite, and @Icibalus.

Hosted on the account @Dark_Joycat


  1. Follow the Global Rules as well as the Forum Game Rules, or else.
  2. Activity and cordial behavior towards your fellow player is expected.
  3. Have fun!

Phases And Timing

  • The game will begin on the 25th of June. Rolecards will be sent out before then.
  • Day phases will last for 24 hours. Night phases will last for 24 hours.
  • All phase changes will happen at 6:00:00 PM
  • During the night, the deadline for action submission is 2 hours before SoD (4:00:00 PM). Any action submitted after that time will NOT be processed.
  • During the day, actions will open 1 hour after the start of the day (7:00 PM) and close 1 hour before the end of the day (5:00 PM). Day actions may be pre-queued for a specific time.
  • All ITA sessions will last for 1 hour exactly. If you don’t know what that is, consult the next section.
    • Session 1 lasts from 8:00 PM9:00 PM
    • Session 2 lasts from 3:00 AM4:00 AM
    • Session 3 lasts from 2:00 PM3:00 PM
  • Events may begin at any time, but will be scheduled mainly for times of high activity. Events are subgames where players may win prizes, or even death.

In-Thread Attacks (ITAs)

  • All players may use In-Thread Attacks during an allotted ITA session, which will begin on day 2. ITAs allow players to publicly attempt to kill other players.
  • By default, you have 1 ITA shot per day, and it has a 15% chance of hitting. If a shot hits, usually, the person hit will die, and flip. Various abilities might modify these chances, give you extra chances, or allow you to survive being hit.
  • To fire an ITA shot, simply @[host account] with some variation on **/ITA [player]**.
  • At some point, ITAs will be disabled. This will be whenever the hosts deem fit.


  • There is no majority, only a deadline elimination. Whoever has the most votes at the end of the day will be eliminated.
  • All votes must be in the form of [vote]player[/vote] or [v]player[/v] to be counted. Unvotes should be formatted as [unvote][/unvote]. To guarantee that the votecount bot counts your vote correctly, it is best to type the player’s full username, including correct capitalization; however, nicknames may still work.
  • You may self-vote. Along with this, no-elimination is a valid vote. In cases where no-elim and another vote are tied at the end of the day, no-elim will have priority in the rand.
  • Tied votes will result in a player being eliminated at random from among the tied players.
  • MyLo (mis-eliminate and lose) and LyLo (eliminate or lose) will not be announced, and votes will not be locked. This is not in place for a final 3 scenario.
  • You may see the votecount as of a specific post by clicking the hammer icon on that post.

The Setup

All roles in this game are based off a User of FoL, and will feature Abilities & Flavor based on that user, their personality, and memorable moments from their time on the site. These Abilites will be summed up by a Role Name.

You MAY claim: You may NOT claim:
Your assigned User, but doing so may carry mechanical risks. Your Flavor text, a short paragraph describing the person your role is based on, either directly or paraphrasing it.
Details about your Abilities, so long as they are paraphrased. The name or exact text of any of your Abilities.
Details about your Role Name, so long as it is paraphrased. Your exact Role Name.

This game is Closed. The exact set of abilities, win conditions, and factions in play is unknown. However, the following details are known:

  • The uninformed majority faction is called the Town, and its win condition is this:
    • You win the game when the Mafia and all other threats to the Town have been eliminated.
  • The primary informed minority faction is called the Mafia, and its’ win condition is this.
    • You win the game if no more threats to the Mafia exist or nothing can prevent that from happening.
  • Other factions, as well as Neutral roles with their own win conditions, may exist.
  • This game is Role Madness; every player has their own, unique ability.
  • No alignment conversion, false flips, game-ending jesters, or direct lies in your own rolecard. Everything else is fair game.

Example Rolecard


You are Arete, Town Nerdy Flavor Cop. Known for your knowledge of history, lengthy analytical wallposts, and generally being an absolutely prodigious dork beloved by all, for this game, you will serve as an example rolecard not dealt to any player.

acksually, i’m alive, you can tell because i am not dead (Passive): The first time you would die at night, you survive.

Historical Studies (Even Night, 2-shot): Visit a player. Learn the birthday of target player’s User on the French Republican Calendar.

You win the game when the Mafia and all other threats to the Town have been eliminated.


If you wish to sign up with an alternative account, please consult the hosts beforehand. Alts will only be allowed on condition of their main account being publicly known and stated on the playerlist. If you are unsure which account qualifies as your main, consult the hosts.

  1. Arctic
  2. beancat
  3. thepigeonnyc
  4. an_gorta_slanktai (insomnia)
  5. Catbae
  6. Italy
  7. Sadbi
  8. nutella
  9. Cape90
  10. Gorta
  11. ElizaThePsycho
  12. sulit
  13. BradLand
  14. Silviu200530
  15. May
  16. Marluxion
  17. Jaiden
  18. YouButWorse
  19. Chloe
  20. lol
  21. Zone_Q11
  22. Kanave
  23. Demisha
  24. Hazardwaste
  25. min
  26. JakeTheWolfie
  27. Frostwolf103
  28. Daeron
  29. Kiiruma
  30. eevee
  31. Zorvo
  32. Leafia
  33. Magnus
  34. Marluna
  35. RaisinBranEnthusiast (GGhana)
  36. Achromatic
  37. Kork
  38. Vulgard
  39. Hippopablompoyeetus
  40. Atlas
  41. Wazza
  42. Yamikarp
  43. Amelia
  44. iamagummybear
  45. Jane
  46. Zenon
  47. Creature
  48. benguinedparbeque
  49. Litten
  50. row666
  51. Tyrone
  52. EV.0
  53. Ashlyn
  54. Jarek
  55. Apocryphal
  56. Garfooled
  57. guavagudetama
  58. crazynuto
  59. cheesethatiscloned


  1. WindwardAway
  2. IcetFeelsPain
  3. Apprentice
  4. tutuu



  1. mollylikesorigami
  2. Marissa
  3. Squirrel2412
  4. DatBird
  5. Prophylaxis
  6. CRichard
  7. astand
  8. Keldi
  9. Whysper
  10. TheBlueElixir


Here were the results from the Hot Take event.

Take Percent Agreement
Insomnia is the deep wolf 29%
bussing is a good strategy 64%
As of Night 3, all 58 players have thoroughly enjoyed this game, and would say they all had fun, even if the game were to suddenly end at the start of Day 4 with a draw. 43%
Magnus was a wolf 71%
Cape did nothing wrong 79%
greenchecks aren’t super sacred and could easily have been tampered with somehow 50%
town’s d2 made the rest of the game 75% less fun 36%
I am having fun right now 79%
All other hot takes suck 38%
This game will end during day 5 by ITA or execution, no earlier, no later 57%
Mafia will still manage to win this game. 43%
town will win this game within the next 2 days. 71%
The last wolves will be easy to execute. 36%

Prizes will be sent shortly.

@tutuu has died! She was:


You are Garfooled, Town Button-Pusher. You’re a fan of the game “Push the Button,” a social deduction game in which players complete a series of tasks to determine which of them are human and which are alien imposters. Well, this game, you’ve discovered a way to access the Bioscanner, which lets you learn a player’s alignment, as many times as you want … but in exchange, you need to give the aliens more Hacks.

You begin the game with 0 Cop Charges.

Bioscanner (Night) : Spend 12 Cop Charges and inspect target player to learn their alignment.

Give Hack (Day) : Choose 1 of the following, and gain the corresponding Cop Charges:

  • 2: Give the Mafia a Factional Track action.
  • 4: Give the Mafia a Factional Watch action.
  • 5: Give the Mafia a Factional Role Cop action.
  • 7: Give the Mafia a Factional Machoizer action (targeted player cannot be protected).
  • 8: Give the Mafia a Factional Roleblock action.
  • 10: Reveal your past and future results to the Mafia (<Target> is <Alignment>).
  • 12: Give Left Gun Half (Item) with the following effect: “Consuming this with Right Gun Half grants a carried Factional Vigilante action.”
  • 12: Give Right Gun Half (Item) with the following effect: “Consuming this with Left Gun Half grants a carried Factional Vigilante action.”

You may not choose each mode more than once per game.

You win the game when the Mafia and all other threats to the Town have been eliminated.

@Atlas has died! He was:


You are Vulgard, Town Re-evaluator. One of the most long-standing FoL veterans, one of your greatest assets is your ability to reevaluate. You’ve managed to save multiple games simply by virtue of reconsidering when you were wrong, and turn many more big losses into smaller losses. This game, you have the chance to benefit from re-evaluation – as long as you re-evaluate correctly.

Also, in last year’s MU Anni, a member of the mafia falsely claimed you had left a legacy wolflist in a neighborhood with like eight villagers on it, and despite your actual reads being freely findable in your ISO, people let them get away with it.

You start with 7 Reevaluation Charges.

Legacy (Passive): At any time, you may update your Last Will in your rolecard. When you die, this will be sent to a random member of the Mafia team.

Re-evaluate (Night): Target a player whom you have previously voted. Tomorrow, their ITA shot(s) will have a +5% chance of hitting.

Re-evaluate harder (Night): Consume 6 Reevaluation Charges and target a player whom you have previously shot in ITAs. If they are town, you will be added to a masonry with them and informed of the other’s alignment. If they are Mafia, you will die, bypassing everything, and only your alignment will flip (not your role).

You win the game when the Mafia and all other threats to the Town have been eliminated.

Alive Players

  1. @Achromatic - survived victorious - eevee, Town Botanist
  2. @Amelia - survived victorious - Arctic, Town Doomer
  3. @an_gorta_slanktai (insomnia) - survived victorious - WindwardAway, Town OMGUSer
  4. @Apocryphal - survived victorious - Apprentice, Town Prisoner’s Dilemma GOAT
  5. @Ashlyn - conceded day 4 - Marluna, Mafia Spell Forger
  6. @catbae - survived victorious - Demisha, Town Complexifier
  7. @Chloe - survived victorious - Italy, Town Wild West
  8. @Hazardwaste - survived victorious - Dum, Town Deputysulit, Town Cat Vigilante
  9. @Jane - survived victorious - Zorvo, Town Saga JoaT
  10. @Jarek - survived victorious - Achromatic, Town Leader
  11. @Litten - survived victorious - Litten, Town Survivor
  12. @nutella - survived victorious - Whysper, Town Archivist
  13. @Tyrone / @WindwardAway - survived victorious - Blizer, Town Raid Boss
  14. @Wazza - survived victorious - Napoleon, Town Returning Player
  15. @YouButWorse - survived victorious - ElizaThePsycho, Town Likejutsu Practitioner (Pink Belt)
  16. @Zone_Q11 - survived victorious - Jaiden, Town Popcorn Woman


  1. @iamagummybear- modkilled night 0 - Town
  2. @Marluxion - killed by a drone day 1 - DatBird, Mafia Big Brain JoaT
  3. @Creature - executed on day 1 - Min, Mafia KPOP Star
  4. @thepigeonnyc - modkilled night 1 - sulit, Town Cat Vigilante
  5. @Garfooled - killed night 1 - Jarek, Mafia Realistic CPR Doctor
  6. @Vulgard - killed night 1 - Jane, Town Analyst
  7. @lol - ITAed day 2 - Chloe, Mafia Site Admin
  8. @Daeron - ITAed by the Elden Beast day 2 - Zone_Q11, Mafia Setup Designer JOAT
  9. @JakeTheWolfie - ITAed day 2 - Mistyx, Town 3-shot OneShot
  10. @Kanave - ITAed day 2 - GGhana, Town Fruity Vendor
  11. @sulit - ITAed day 2 - Wazza, Town Unsubtle Doctor
  12. @Kiiruma - ITAed day 2 - mollylikesorigami, Town Origami Inventor
  13. @BradLand - ITAed day 2 - Kiiruma, Third Party Slappy: Throne of Lies™️ Edition
  14. @row666 - left the town day 2 - catbae, Town Night 1 Kill Bodyguard
  15. @Zenon - ITAed day 2 - Hazardwaste, Town Conditioner
  16. @Silviu200530 - ITAed day 2) - thepigeonnyc, Mafia Vigeon
  17. @jaiden - ITAed day 2 - a̸s̵t̸a̵n̵d̴,̵ ̶T̷o̵w̷n̷ ̸D̸a̵y̵ ̶A̵n̸g̸e̸l̵ :skull:
  18. @Italy - shot day 2 - Daeron, Mafia Queen
  19. @Demisha - ITAed day 2 - Rajidae, Town Captain
  20. @Kork - ITAed day 2 - Kanave, Mafia Prepared Dayvig
  21. @Hippopablompoyeetus - Succumbed to the BATTLE JOATS day 2 - YouButWorse, Town Sasha
  22. @guavagudetama - executed day 2 - Leafia, Mafia Loose-Lipped Vigilante
  23. @May - executed day 2 - Magnus, Mafia Forum Glitch
  24. @Gorta - bled to death day 2 - Amelia, Mafia Mastermind
  25. @Arctic - killed night 2 - Zenon, Town 1-shot Desperado
  26. @Zorvo (Zirbo) - killed night 2 - May, Town Unlucky Cop
  27. @Magnus - ITAed day 3 - Ashlyn, Town Fanfic Author
  28. @min - ITAed day 3 - Nightingale, Town Clocktower Script Creator
  29. @Cape90 - ITAed day 3 - ???
  30. @cheesethatiscloned - ITAed day 3 - beancat, Town Alt
  31. @Sadbi - ITAed day 3 - BradLand, Town Ultra-Bodyguard
  32. @beancat - ITAed day 3 - Hippopablompoyeetus, Town Shitposter
  33. @EV.0 - ITAed day 3 - Silviu, Mafia Socializer
  34. @eevee - ITAed day 3 - Atlas, Town Dungeon Master
  35. @Marluna - plundered day 3 - orangeandblack5, Town Tech Admin
  36. @raisinbranenthusiast (GGhana) - Mooned day 3 - Gorta, Town Tryhard
  37. @Frostwolf103 - modkilled day 3 - Trochilidae, Town Drakax
  38. @ElizaThePsycho - eliminated d3 - Marluxion, Town Cedric
  39. @crazynuto - toasted d3 - JaketheWolfie, Town Keki
  40. @tutuu - killed night 3 - Garfooled, Town Button-Pusher
  41. @Atlas - killed night 3 - Vulgard, Town Re-evaluator
  42. @Leafia - ITAed day 4 - Frostwolf103, Mafia NSF Hacker
  43. @benguinedparbecue - ITAed day 4 - Marshal, Town Functional Human BeingProphylaxis, Town Setup Reviewer


Thread 1

Thread 2
Jarek gladiates May

Thread 3

Thread 4

Thread 5

Ashlyn concedes

Announcement: @Apocryphal has been cursed.

Announcement: The Day 4 asynchronous event will be posted shortly.

Day 4 begins and will end in 24 hours, at 2023-07-02T18:00:00Z.

vcbot ping

First order of business. @leafia I need you to claim your role as it’s important.


what a weird kill

Who did you block

Noooooo both of my overnight frenss


Wild essence is pog

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@Achromatic is this what u got aws well or just part of atlas’ role


gonna interrupt and say I RBed Apoc

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i got earth and now me and Chloe both have a 1-shot protevt


Tutuu atlas and I won the exquisite corpse event
We had a neighborhood and bc i put john carter in our story we got the real john carter himself in our hood to help us solve overnight

He thinks ash is sus

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may have carried kill
we expected 3 deaths

I used wild

Got a 25% boost to my ITAs