Osie's 18th Circle of Hell Game Thread - Game Over

Osie’s 18th Circle of Hell

A game for 24+ slots hosted by Osie, Geyde, MafiaBanMaster, and Silviu200530.

Post-Game/Dead/Informed Chat

You may assume that all Global/Site and/or Forum Game Rules apply to you in any game-related thread, chat, etc. unless the host has explcitly informed you otherwise.


The definition of toxicity may be loosened at times, but in general, don’t be a jerk.

Host and moderator communication always takes precedence over waivable Forum Rules.

At 48 hour Day phases, players are expected to post at least 5 overall substantive posts per 24 hours and at least 15 overall substantive posts per 48 hours. This will be checked roughly every 24 hours.

SoD/EoD will be around 7:00 PM your time (Noon PST give or take 1-2 hours)

Many of the rules of the game will be hidden at the start. The rules in this post cannot be changed or hidden.

Living Players:


Dead Players:

#1. FoolsGold: Werewolf Ravenous BeastMafia Riddler, Died Day 6.
#2. DkKoba MathBlade: Rebel ArchaeologistTown Maria SekiutsuTown Telephone, Eliminated Day 3.
#3. TheLukundo: Spy LurkerMafia Dunkin, Died Day 6.
#4. Tsumugi: Spy Shadow → Mafia Speculator, Eliminated Day 6. Modkilled Night 6.
#5. Zone_Q11: Mafia LudditeMafia Game Master, Died Day 6.
#6. Boquise - Town Ignition, Died Day 4.
#7. Tilgarial - Independent Fruit BasketMafia Cage, Died Night 7.
#8. Millium: Rebel False Claim DesperadoMafia NAMELESS → Neutral NAMELESS, Died Day 6, Resurrected Night 6, Died Day 10.
#9. KurosakiIchogo - Villager Master of Disguises, Died Day 4.
#10. Whysper - Werewolf Territorial BeastMafia Srs Bsns, Died Day 8.
#11. based - F MMafia Telephone, Died Day 6.
#12. NANOOK + Lag (OwlsWriteLetters) - Mafia MooncallerMafia Tree, Died Day 7.
#13. seon + CRichardFortressLies (SeonRichard) - Town IndignationMafia Coats, Eliminated Day 6.
#14. Cream + Joker + Lissi + Psyx (SpectatoChat) - Neutral CopsonistadoTown Token, Died Night 2.
#15. Dolby + Raskolnikov + TheGoldenChumley (TwoPlayersAndAOnion) - Rebel Dreaming GodTown Edward, Died Day 4.
#16. Kiiruma - Town KirbyTown Editor, Died Night 2.
#17. beancat - Neutral LoyalizerNeutral Mathematician, Died Night 6.
#18. Solic + Gorta (TreeReaper) - Villager LogophobiaTown Sophist, Died Day 8.
#19. lol + dota (SonicAndKnuckles) FateShirou - Neutral Circus OwnerMafia Time MachineNeutral Time Machine, Died Day 4, Resurrected Night 7, Eliminated Day 9.
#20. Arctic + Vulgard (TownMisleaders) - Villager ColaMafia Day Manipulator
#21. Daeron + Amelia (SkillIssue) - Town Diner CopMafia Tim Hortons, Died Day 4.
#22. Leafia + ATNoName (ATNoLeafia) - Town Duck SoupNeutral Steve Harvey, Died Day 4.

Replacement (/sub):

  1. @Arete
  2. @ElizaThePsycho (non-invite)
  3. ExLight (non-invite)
  4. MartinGG99
  5. @Trochilidae (non-invite)

Spectators (/spec):

  1. @astand (INFORMED)
  2. @Jane (INFORMED)
  3. @Lucky (INFORMED)
  4. @Hally
  5. @Laurentus
  6. @Marluxion
  7. @Mighty-Cannon
Checkpoint History

Game Start
Day 1 Start
Night 1 Start
Day 2 Start
Night 1 Deaths
Night 2 Start (for some)
Day 2 Start (Again)
Day 3 Start (For Some)
Night 3 Start
Day 4 Start
Night 4 Start
Day 5 Start
Night 5 Start
Day 6 Server
Day 6 Start
Night 6 Start
Day 7 Start
Night 7 Start
Day 8 Start
Night 8 Start
Day 9 Start
Night 9 Start
Day 10 Start
Night 10 Start
Day 11 Start
Game Over

The Shop is open and has the following mystery boxes for sale:

  • 1-Point Mystery Box
  • 2-Point Mystery Box
  • 5-Point Mystery Box
  • 10-Point Mystery Box

Revealed Hidden Rules:

#-17. The second Thursday of the game (April 14th) is “Doctor Who Day”. Living players each receive a 1-shot Watcher that can target any currently living player but only on past Nights, and can only be used during the 24 hours from when this is announced. The player(s) who see(s) the highest number of results receive(s) a reward.

#12. Banana: Prior to the game start, each slot is asked to choose another slot and one out of the three of Attack or Defend.

If a player and their target both pick attack, the players get a Rivals neighbour chat. They will gain rewards from successfully impeding each other throughout the game.
If a player picks attack and their target picks defend (or vice-versa), the Attack player gains a Rival in the form of the Defend player. The Defend player gains an Ally in the form of the Attack player.
If a player picks defend and their target picks defend, the players get an Allies neighbour chat. They will gain rewards from successfully assisting each other throughout the game.
If a player picks attack and their target picks or (or vice-versa), the Or player learns a bit about [REDACTED], or learns the name and type of their role if they have one. The Attack player gains a Rival in the form of the Or player.
If a player picks defend and their target picks or (or vice-versa), the Or player learns a bit about [REDACTED], or learns the name and type of their role if they have one. The Defend player gains an Ally in the form of the Or player.
If a player and their target both pick or, both players learn a bit about Starry Night, or the names and types of their respective roles if they have them, and they join the ??? chat. They will gain rewards by uncovering game mechanics together as part of the ??? semifaction.

#20. Banana: Players must vote for the game to be over for it to end. (The game can’t end until a majority of living players have posted “Game Over” in the thread.)

#30. Banana: Players may use one factional action, one non-factional action, and one item per phase.

#43. Banana: In the case of a tied elimination after Day 1 Start, two random players who are not voting for any of those players are eliminated. In False Start, the tie rule will be based on the most/least recent to reach that number.

#57λ. Banana: This rule will be revealed permanently when a player receives a non-48-hour Day phase.

  • At 24 hour Day phases, players are expected to post 7 posts per 24 hours. 24 hour checks.
  • At 48 hour Day phases, players are expected to post 5 posts per 24 hours and 15 posts per 48 hours. 24 hour checks.
  • At 72 hour Day phases, players are expected to post 10 posts in the first 48 hours, 5 posts in the final 24 hours, and 20 posts per 72 hours.
  • At 96 hour Day phases, players are expected to post 8 posts per 48 hours and 24 posts per 96 hours.
  • At 120 hour Day phases, players are expected to post 5 posts per 48 hours, 2 posts in the final 24 hours, and 15 posts per 120 hours.

#71. Banana: Majority requires at least 2/3rds of living players, or the total number of living players in the faction with the most living players if that number is between 1/2 and 2/3rds of players.

#94. Banana: A player’s kerning is how many times they might have died this game (including actions prevented, redirected or protected against).

#97b. Banana: Alignment checks have an 4/n base chance of being incorrect, where n is the number of living players. This goes down to 2/n once 10 or fewer players remain, and 1/n once 5 or fewer players remain.

#112. Banana: Prods can remove someone’s invite status for the purpose of priority lists, at host discretion.

#143. Banana: On April 2nd at activity check time, if any player has yet to receive their role PM, the host calls out the living player(s) as having made it through the brawl. Each of those players receives their role PM using the priority list below. Once 24 players have been randomized this way, the rest of players are sent into uninformed spec chat.

All of this counts relevant voted-out players:

  • Up to 18 slots for most posts in first 18 invited signups with no prods so far for lack of activity.
  • Up to 4 slots for most posts in invited signups with no prods so far for lack of activity.
  • Fill out with invited signups if able.
  • Fill out with uninvited signups if necessary.
  • Everybody else goes to Uninformed Spec Chat

#147. Banana: At Activity check on April 5th, if plurality is not on Soft (33%), reveal this rule and reveal and remove the plurality rule, setting plurality to Soft (33%). All players’ phase lengths become 48/24 and deadline becomes the earliest Noon PST such that no player will have phases of less than 48/24. It becomes the same (latest) Day phase for everyone. If players don’t vote before the next end of Day, they are entered into the player roulette. X times over the course of the following Night, where X is 50%, rounded up, of the players entered into the roulette, a random player is drawn from the roulette and asked 3 quick-timed trivia questions. If they get two or more of them wrong, they die. If they get one wrong, they go back in the roulette.

#151. If a player says the word “Banana”, their vote value is multiplied by -1 at the next vote check. The second and seventh time this happens to the same player, that player may reveal a hidden rule.

#160. Banana: At activity check times on April 25th or later, if at least 10 players are alive and Gojira is not alive, Gojira comes to life.

#180. If a player says the name of a host or site staff member in three or more posts during a phase, that player gains a neighbour chat with that host or location staff member at the following vote check (with that person’s consent). Only three chats per location may be created this way.

#185ß. If exactly seven players with Starry Night PMs vote to “Extinguish the stars”, those seven players will have Starry Night stripped from them at the following vote check, and each get 2 points

#188. The first time each Day that a player says the flavour of their role PM in the thread, they get a 1-shot claim vigilante at the next vote check. Each player can only gain an item this way once per game.

#194. If a player asks politely for 1 or 2 points, they will get them. Players cannot gain more than 2 points this way.

#200. Each time a player votes for a host, plurality voting switches to the least used of the following modes. If it has shifted through all of them, it switches between Most and Least-Non-Zero.

  • “Soft” - 33% Plurality
  • “Simple” - ≥50%-Living-Voting enables Plurality
  • “Maj-at-EoD” - ≥50% of voting players is necessary to be eliminated at EoD. (Flips into <50% in Least-Non-Zero case)
  • “Plurality-Midday” - ≥50%-Living-Voting CAUSES Plurality check.
  • “Ranked” - Each player makes a list of other living players and the player with the highest spot across lists is eliminated.

#213. The 17th time any of the following words (or obvious linguistic derivatives, at host judgment) is used this game, posts which include these words do not qualify as content for the following 48 hours. The 37th time any of them is used this game, the last uncensored word on the list to be used becomes censored. Posts which include that word do not qualify as content and lead to a prod for the rest of the game.


#317. The first time this game that a player links to another game onsite, spawn Gojira at the following Vote Check.

#444. If a player votes for the same player between two Day phases in a row, the game thread switches location (See Note) at the start of the following Day. If a player is not in good standing in the location, or for any other reason, they may find a representative to play in their stead at that location. They are an imaginary friend for that representative for the duration of the time in that location. Each location other than FoL can only be accessed once.

  • FoL
  • Mafia: the Syndicate
  • Novel Updates Forum
  • Discord

#475. If half or more of players have received their Core PMs, the shop opens up. The shop has 4 types of mystery boxes at 1, 2, 5, and 10 points.

#570. The second Monday of the game (April 11th) is “Mother Appreciation Day”. The player(s) who write(s) the best (by vote; players may not vote for themselves) positive poem(s) about their mother(s) get(s) a reward.

#571. The second Tuesday of the game (April 12th) is “Yuri in Space Day”. Each player may recruit a new uninformed spectator. The player who recruits the best uninformed spectator (judged by the hosts) gets a reward.

#589. The second Wednesday of the game (April 13th) is “Kasparov Day”. Players will each be given a non-Knight Chess Piece of their choice for their distinct (random) spot on the edge of a chess board. They may each submit a series of legal moves to get to the opposite edge of the chess board. However, if any spot on that series of moves is intersected by another player, each of those two players gets a point. The player(s) with the fewest points out of players who have submitted a series of moves each receive a reward.

#6969. The second Friday of the game (April 15th) is “Tax Day”. Players with points on Tax Day may spend any number of them. The player who spends the most points by activity check the following day receives a reward.

#9001. The second Saturday of the game (April 16th) is “Dead Man’s Square Day”. Uninformed Dead players will be able to talk in the game thread, regardless of what phase it is.


Game Start



Roles have been sent out.

Please link posts in which you vote in the voting thread. A majority will achieve a result.

Activity will be checked every 24 hours, with an expectation of 7 posts per 24 hours. Votes will be checked regularly. Whysper is V/LA (lowered posting expectation).

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Me to hosts like 5 minutes ago: when does game start
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also vote:osieorb
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what the fuck is this game

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Btw i dont even have a role or alignment idek what im supposed to do LOL

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Lynch host and ggs

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